About gemopolis

Gemopolis Industrial Estate is the first and only specialised industrial estate for Gem and Jewellery Cluster and other low pollution high-value light industries in Thailand. Gemopolis Industrial Estate, first established in 1990, comprises of more than 155 rai (25 hectares). Not only is Gemopolis Industrial Estate located in a tax-free industrial zone, but it also receives full official support from the public sector.

Gemopolis is an industrial estate with utilities, services, and all-round benefits, able to accommodate manufacturing and operation from the start to the end of the supply chain. To date, Gemopolis serves as a manufacturing base for companies and factories of over 250 businesses from 29 countries across the globe including

global jewellery brands, factories specialised in cutting and polishing gemstones.

Businesses and brands which has manufacturing base and offices in Gemopolis include Pandora, Christy Gem, Umicore, KGK, Tienpo, CKC, Miki Siamese, MKS, Winsilver, Blue River and more.